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A Professional Standard

The Pedicab industry in the United States is not cohesively regulated. Communities with thriving pedicab operations tend to have more complete local regulations in place than those who have little experience with pedicabs. However, as you move from community to community, the rules often change; there is no all-encompassing governing body for pedicabs that is capable of:

There are however some regional organizations that are working to get their arms around these principles and bring order to the industry within their own zone of influence. The London Pedicab Operators Association (LPOA) was created to represent pedicab operators in the United Kingdom. Their mission: to promote a positive image and advance the industry in the public and political arenas as well as to work towards reasonable regulation. Taking a major step forward in the area of self-regulation, they drafted two documents for LPOA members to abide by:

New York Pedicab Owners are leading the initiative in the United States and have formed the NYPCOA or New York Pedicab Owner's Association. Their goals and guiding principles are to develop and implement regulations that will ensure uniform guidelines for minimum insurance requirements, equipment standards and driver training.

Periodically discussions of a National Pedicab Organization surface, and while such an effort would go a long way in bringing necessary credibility to the industry, the challenges are significant. There is little disagreement throughout the industry that something needs to be done to:

But the means of achieving these goals are elusive, the industry promotes individualism. The basic business model for owners who lease pedicabs to drivers actually restricts the amount of control they can exercise over those that rent their bikes. Owners who begin to impose too much control over riders run the risk of shifting their professional relationship from one of lessor-lessee to employer-employee, a costly transition for the owner as it introduces a host of new costs and requirements, chief among them are payroll taxes and providing for workers compensation insurance.

One way or the other, in order to be taken seriously, you have to be serious...serious about safety, about obeying the law and about treating your patrons, peers and the public with respect. Adopting and living by a code of professional conduct is a just one way to demonstrate your commitment to excellence.


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